Kaboom Consulting is owned and operated by Mary-Kate Gilbertson. Mary-Kate is well known in Guelph as a community leader, who has a passion for her community and the environment.

Mary-Kate worked as an environmental consultant on contaminant related projects before turning her attention to the Guelph community. She has worked with not-for-profits like eMERGE Guelph and Transition Guelph, to help them grow and maintain their community visions. She and her partner Mike started Two Sisters River Urban Farm and a number of social enterprise initiatives such as Backyard Bok Boks and The Purple Cow Hostel. Through Kaboom she is dedicated to moving things forward and creating a big impact on the community around her.

Kaboom has experience helping to build teams, finding funding for partnerships and laying the foundations for the next steps. Are you a small business looking to get some advice on how to keep growing? Do you represent a not-for-profit group that is looking for ways to become self-sufficient? Are you an individual with an idea to help make your community better but aren’t sure how to get started? Let us help you move forward.


  • Facilitation
  • Connection
  • Visioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Presentation
  • Research